“The course itself is great. The presentation was carried out in a professional way. The course highlighted some aspects in the election processes that will help in the operation field...thanks for everyone who arranged for us to have such a course, my appreciation to all whom put their effort to make comfortable for us.”

“It has widened my horizon about a wide range of issues cutting across core electoral process, voter education and staff management. It would greatly improve the skills and confidence in election administration.”

“Structured academic analysis has given me a clear picture of my job. It has enhanced my confidence. Sharing experiences with both developed and developing countries has given me the ability to compare my situation.”

“The content of presentations are clear and practical. Applying the lessons learnt in this course will add value to my organization.”

"An excellent programme – thanks for all your great efforts"

“The course brought in presenters who were well knowledgeable of their subject areas. It gave thought provoking lessons that I would like to follow-up on in my duties. It was very interactive and presenters showed a mastery of their subject.”

"It is a highly effective course, especially on the role of the Election Management Body and for the preparation of a mid-term strategy of the Central Election Commission. There was a high level of professionalism from the trainers who tackled the major areas of concern and interest. The informal exchange of valuable opinions and especially the "provocation" of debates on key topics was particularly beneficial.”

"During the training, the participants received information in raising public trust in electoral processes and systems; strategies for demonstrating transparency and robustness; strategies for implementing new procedures; communicating effectively with varied stakeholders; managing staff across large networks; managing knowledge and information across diverse networks. The experts provided them with the practical issues about conducting the elections and the electoral systems. The meetings both with the election administration representatives and electoral experts have been interesting and useful for the CEC delegation, which assisted them in learning more about international practices and challenges of conducting elections."